It is crucial that your Will is geared around your own personal situation at any given time. Your circumstances may be simple where you would like to provide for certain family members. Alternatively, you may wish to provide for a spouse but at the same time to protect the inheritance of children from an earlier marriage.


We have designed this Service to cover a number of straight forward, typical situations where there is not a requirement for complicated or unusual provisions, including:

  • Couples who wish to leave their respective estates to each other and, failing that, to their children;
  • Couples who wish to leave their estates to each other and failing that to one or more named beneficiaries; and
  • An individual who wishes to leave his or her estate to named beneficiaries.

In each of the above situations, the Wills can include provisions disposing of personal effects, leaving a reasonable number of cash legacies, stating funeral wishes and where relevant ensure the appointment of guardians.

The Service includes a no obligation half hour consultation. At the end of your consultation, the lawyer will be able to confirm if the Standard Wills Service is suitable for you and confirm the cost involved. If you wish to proceed, the meeting will usually continue for a further half hour during which your lawyer can take a full note of your wishes. After the meeting we will prepare the Will(s) and send the finished product to you for signature with full instructions on how to sign. If you prefer, we can oversee the signature of the Will(s) at our offices and provide the necessary witnesses.

If additional meetings are required, these will be charged at your lawyer’s hourly rate.

Fees for our Standard Will Service

  • Single Will £100 plus VAT • Couple mirror image Wills £200 plus VAT
  1. Fees quoted are valid for 30 days from receipt.
  2. The fees quoted do not include any subsequent work, such as amending your Wills to reflect a change in your instructions or the drafting of additional documents, such as letters of wishes or notices of severance.
  3. Additional advice not included in the Standard Wills Service (such as tax planning) will be charged on the basis of time spent at the lawyer’s hourly rate with your prior agreement.
  4. All of our consultations are face to face. Consultations outside our office can be arranged but an additional charge will be made for the time spent travelling, plus expenses.