There ate different types of visitor visa, and we advise and help you to choose the right one for your circumstances.
If you come to the UK as a visitor, you are normally allowed to stay here for a maximum of 6 months. If you want to stay here for longer than 6 months, read the other categories. for another type of visa.

Tourism and visiting friends

General Visitor
Child Visitor
ADS Visitor

Visiting family
Family visitor
Child visitor

Visiting to do business

Business visitor
Child visitor
Academic visitors, and
Doctors undertaking clinical attachments or the PLAB test.
Prospective entrepreneur
Permitted paid engagement visitor

Visiting to study

Student visitors
Child visitors
Prospective students – Closed to new applicants
Parents of children at school

Visiting as a sportsperson

Sports visitors
Child visitors

Visiting as an entertainer

Entertainer visitors
Child visitors

Visiting for other reasons

Visitors for marriage or civil partnership
Visitors for private medical treatment

Transiting the UK

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