We also have team of lawyers expert in Pakistani law led by Mr. Ahmad.

Mr Ahmad is also qualified as Advocate in Pakistan in 1997 and enrolled as Advocate High Courts of Pakistan in 2001.

In 2002, Mr. Ahmad was selected as Civil Judge cum Judicial Magistrate and Family Judge in Pakistan and served judiciary until 2005 and migrated to this country. So, he is acquainted and well versed with Pakistani law as well. He has keen eye on the current and developing law in Pakistan. As an advocate and being judge has expertise in not only arguing but deciding the cases in the following fields of law:

1- Criminal law from minor to serious cases including murder cases. Registration and defence of Criminal cases

2- Civil law;

3- Land & Revenue law;

4- Family law coving divorce, maintenance, children custody and suits for restitution of conjugal rights;

5- Writs, appeals, review and revision petitions in the High Courts of Pakistan;

6- Offences under Passports Act

7- Suits under Pre- Emption law

8- Suits under Arbitration law

9- Succession Certificates

We also prepare special and general Power of Attorneys for judicial proceedings and transferring properties.

If you need advice or our assistance, please contact on 07590036272 or 0208 127 6770. You also can email your query on mail@rcsolicitor.co.ukĀ and we will do our best to reply you.