How We Charge

Fixed fees

In most cases, particularly in Immigration, Conveyancing and  Divorce matter, we charge fixed fees.

Hourly Rate

In all cases. we charge an hourly rate depending upon the level of fee earner. This is determined by the complexity of your matter. Our hourly rates vary from £160 plus VAT to £300 plus VAT according to location. We require payment for the initial meeting and then money on account if you decide to proceed. Our policy is then to bill all work in progress at the end of each calendar month.

You can reduce the time we spend on your case by sending any relevant documents to us in advance together with a short description of the problem. We always like to see a copy of your employment contract if you have one. You will be charged for pre-reading any material in advance of the initial meeting.

However, we advise and agree in each case on case to case basis.