Updated on 16/08/2017

Great success…
Important immigration appeal allowed against refusal of spouse visa due to custodial sentence… Mr Ahmad (solicitor-Advocate) successfully argued the principle of double jeopardy that It was not appropriate for there to be double jeopardy if the appellant had already paid the price for his crime.

A remarkable achievement in the most complicated area of immigration law

In a recent appeal to the Court of Appeal against refusal of the Upper Tribunal (Equal to High Court), Mr Ahmad obtained last minute injunction restraining the UKBA from removing our client to Pakistan who is father of the two children who were being separated and being left behind with their mother and the wife of the client unlawfully in an asylum case.

Another success for Regents & Co. Solicitors in the most diffiuclt case

Updated on 14/05/2014

Application for leave to remain as spouse of British citizen

In a recent JR claim number CO/6710/2013, Mr. Ahmad, after filing JR, forced the UKBA to review their decision when they earlier refused to review our request to change thier decision not to grant visa to a failed refugee to live in the UK after marriage with British citizen and their point was that he should apply from Afghanistan but after filing JR they withdrew the earlier decision and reviewed the decision and granted him 2 years’ leave to remain after which he can apply for ILR as spouse of British national. This is a landmark success. They also had to pay the cost for JR in the sum of £3600/-.

Border Force are clamping down on international crime groups that make millions of pounds every year smuggling endangered species into the UK.

In an application for permission to apply for appeal to the Upper Tribunal agaisnt refusal of grant of full leave to remain in the UK to our client who is a partner to a British citizen and was granted leave to remain under human rights grounds, Mr. Ahmad suuceesfully applied for permission to appeal the decision on immigration grounds and it has been accpepted.


In a disciplinary action by Genral Dental Council, UK against a doctor, Mr. Ahmad successfully defended a dentist and she was just reprimanded although there was strong evidence against her.

Seized products include illegal ivory, birds of prey, trophy animals and Chinese medicines containing ingredients such as rhino horn.

There has also been an increase in the number of ‘body beautiful’ products, such as slimming supplements and face creams, containing caviar being smuggled across the UK border.

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