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Deportation is the enforced removal of immigrants who have  breached UK immigration rules…

The Government is clamping down on illegal immigrants & UK visa  overstayers! Recent advertising campaigns and spot checks at UK transport hubs  have helped arrest more people, who are now facing imminent deportation from  Britain. If deported, you could be banned from Britain for up to 10 years

UK Visa expired? Have no visa? ILR being revoked due to a prison sentence? Breached your visa conditions? Then you’re at risk of being deported, our Immigration Lawyer can stop deportation proceedings

If you have been given a deportation notice and want to know your grounds to  avoid deportation, our Immigration Lawyers can give you bail options if you act quickly Our Deportation Immigration Lawyer, backed by 50  years’ worth of experience, can help you avoid deportation from the UK.

What we  can Offer

From your first phone call to the final result, our lawyers  will personally deal with every aspect of your case so that both you and the  lawyer are ideally prepared for every potential issue the Home Office raises.

You will be given a clear and honest assessment of the merits  of your case and exact details of the cost to you – no surprises months down  the line.

In the unlikely event that a lawyer is unavailable for your  case, we will inform you there and then and be able to recommend other suitably  experienced deportation lawyers from around the country – making this the ideal  site if you need a UK immigration lawyer.

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UK Immigration Barristers are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry and have helped over 11’000 clients start their immigration process.

Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across major cities in the UK including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford and Leicester.

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