If the Home Office refuses your application they will send an appeal form and guidance notes to you with their decision. We can help you to submit an appeal to the tribunal.

This page explains how you can appeal against an immigration decision made outside the UK or at the UK border.

If you are in the UK and want to appeal please Contact US for further information.

If your application was refused under the points-based system, this does not attract a full right of appeal. A different procedure, known as an administrative review is in place. Applicants should not use the appeal process described below to request an administrative review.

If we refuse your application, Home Office will send you a letter informing you of our decision. This is called your ‘Notice of Immigration Decision‘ which will explain your appeal rights.

Applicants for some types of visa have full rights of appeal if their application is refused. The most common types of visa applicant with full rights of appeal are:

  • partners, children and other dependent relatives of British citizens or settled persons, who are seeking to come to the UK with a view to settlement; and
  • family visitors, who want to visit qualifying family members in the UK and applied before 25 June 2013.


If you have the right of appeal, Home Office will send you an IAFT-2 appeal form with your notice of decision. They will also send an information document explaining how to complete the appeal form.

In most cases, you must pay a fee when you make an appeal.

Fee awards

If you have paid a fee for your appeal and are successful the Tribunal may make a fee award against the UK Border Agency up to the amount of the application fee that you paid; either £80.00 for a determination on the papers or £140.00 for an oral hearing.

Fee award payments are credited to the bank account or credit card that the payment was made from. If your account is no longer in use Home Office will contact you for alternative bank account details. You will need to give them this information as soon possible to avoid a delay in payment.

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