Life as an employee has become much more complex. These days you’re more likely to find yourself in dispute with your employer. Or perhaps you’ll need to negotiate a set of employment terms and conditions that suit you. Whatever your circumstances, you need professional advice that takes your situation into account sensitively, vigorously protects your interests, and provides good value for money.

Having problems at work can be a daunting and traumatic experience. The highly skilled, enthusiastic and friendly employment law team at REGENTS & CO. SOLICITORS (SOLICITOR-ADVOCATE) is here to advise you on what action you may be able to take against your employer and, where appropriate, assist you with making a claim. Our experienced lawyers will help make the process as clear, stress fee, and affordable as possible and will be with you every step of the way.

So whether you need help with unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment, employment contracts, bullying or other employment issues, then you can trust us to provide the best advice.

You may also be interested to know that we have an open and up-front policy on fees.

How We Charge

Hourly Rates

We charge an hourly rate depending upon the level of fee earner. This is determined by the complexity of your matter. Our hourly rates vary from £160 plus VAT to £300 plus VAT according to location. We require payment for the initial meeting and then money on account if you decide to proceed. Our policy is then to bill all work in progress at the end of each calendar month.

You can reduce the time we spend on your case by sending any relevant documents to us in advance together with a short description of the problem. We always like to see a copy of your employment contract if you have one. You will be charged for pre-reading any material in advance of the initial meeting.


You should check your insurance policies such as home contents to see whether you have the benefit of a legal expenses insurance policy.


Are you a member of a Trade Union? If so, the Union may fund your case.

Compromise Agreement

Your employer’s contribution will normally cover the cost of advice on the terms of a compromise agreement.

Legal Aid

We have no legal aid franchise.

No Win No Fee Agreement

We will arrange an initial meeting with you to consider whether your claim has more than 50% chance of succeeding at the employment tribunal and the compensation awarded will be sufficient to cover our costs. We always charge for the initial meeting. Because the costs of the case are not recoverable in the employment tribunal by the winning party, the scope for recovering sufficient compensation to pay our fees is limited so we tend not to undertake many no win no fee agreements.

We would be delighted to meet you in person, but we understand that this can be difficult. So, providing we have access to all the relevant documentation, we can set up a telephone conference at a convenient time to discuss your case. Following the initial discussion, we will normally be able to let you know your rights, the merits of your claim and likely costs. We can then provide ongoing advice and support, act on your behalf in discussions with your employer and represent you at tribunal or in court.

Next steps

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please call 0208 127 6770 to talk to a solicitor or e-mail We can’t provide specific advice on your matter before you become a client, but we can give you an honest assessment of whether you’d benefit from a follow up appointment. Naturally, everything you tell us will be treated in complete confidence.

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