Advocacy is about helping you to speak up for yourself, to make sure that your views and opinions are heard and understood. If you find it hard, or you are unable to speak for yourself then you may find an ‘Advocate’ who can help you.

A solicitor usually briefs a barrister on a case in the higher courts. The barrister then presents the case to the court.

Zaheer Ahmad has higher rights and is therefore capable of offering a complete service to all clients without the need for a barrister.

He was called to English Bar in 2011 and is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

Normally to be called to English Bar, someone has to study course called BPTC for a year and has to compelte training and 12 dinning sessions before being called to the Bar and then he has to obtain Pupillage for a year to start pactice as a Barrister. But due to the vast expereicnce and education, Mr. Ahmad had been exempt not only from all education and training and from attedning 12 dinning session but also from pupiillage and he can practice as Barrister after applyng practising certificate.

Even without Barrister’s practising certificate, he can serve you in the advocacy field equal to barrister due to his Higher Courts Rights of Audience up to the Court of Appeal in Civil and Immigration Matters.

Higher Rights advocacy gives the client the benefit of having the equivalent of a Barrister to advise from the start of a case to the finish, whether it be in the Small Claims Court or in the House of Lords.

Mr. Ahmad received  the Higher Rights qualification based upon his experience in civil law, advocacy and being judge in Pakistan and with the support of the Judiciary. We are capable of dealing with Immigration, Family law, Civil Litigation Matters including contractual disputes,  employment matters.

An advocate should be free from conflicts of interest with those providing services to the person they are working with and should represent the other person’s interests as if they were the Advocate’s own.

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We can’t provide specific advice on your matter before you become a client, but we can give you an honest assessment of whether you’d benefit from a follow up appointment. Naturally, everything you tell us will be treated in complete confidence.

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Zaheer Ahmad Solicitor-Advocate