Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Law

Current British immigration laws make immigration applications hard to manage without expert guidance. Failed applications are expensive to fix and our view is that prevention … More

Family Lawyers

Family Law

We are well regarded and respected amongst other family lawyers, the courts and related professionals. Legal issues can arise when circumstances in your relationship or family … More

Property Lawyers

Property Law

We offer legal services in all areas of property law. We represent housing associations and other social landlords, property managers, managing agents, private landlords and … More

Conveyancing Lawyers


Welcome to our Conveyancing Services. Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging commercial or residential properties, we offer services at the cutting-edge of the … More

Employment Lawyer

Employment Law

REGENTS & CO. SOLICITORS (SOLICITOR-ADVOCATE) is a highly regarded specialist firm of employment lawyers. Our employment law advisors advise both employers and individuals … More

Disciplinary Hearing

Professional Disciplinary Hearings

We also specialises in the defence of practitioners accused of professional misconduct. We advise and represent members of the Bar before the BTAS Tribunal at Gray’s Inn , in … More

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Defence

We are committed to providing specialist criminal defence representation across the board. Our dynamic yet approachable lawyers have extensive experience in a number of … More

Will Lawyers

Wills & Probate

Making a Will is the only way to give long-term protection to your family and assets. Regent & Co. specialise in Will Writing, Inheritance Tax Planning and Property … More

Tenancy Lawyers

Landlord & Tenant Law

We are specialist s in this areas and dedicated to guide you through the ever changing maze of Tenant and Landlord Law disputes and Housing Law. We advise Residential Landlords … More

Legal Advocate

Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy is about helping you to speak up for yourself, to make sure that your views and opinions are heard and understood. If you find it hard, or you are unable to speak … More

Litigation Lawyers

Civil Litigation

What do we mean by “civil litigation”? If there is any kind of argument which is not family or criminal in nature, the chances are that it is a civil law dispute.  Litigation in … More

Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioner of Oaths

If you have a Statutory Declaration, Oath, Affadavit or any other document that requires being “sworn” in front of a suitably qualified person Mr. Zaheer Ahmad is authorised to … More